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Final Project


^Number^Members^Short Project Description^

Group 0 Template Project Page
Group 1 Andri, Ágúst Virtual PCB - Inspecting and interacting with component placement on a 3D circuit board
Group 2 Pálmi, Páll Virtual CADIA - Multi-user simulation of the physical CADIA workplace
Group 3 Freyr Simulation environment for the robot Skundar using Ogre3d and ODE. (Partnering with Group 6)
Group 4 Árni, Halldór 3D Space Invasion - A 3D arcade game where you defend earth from a space invasion
Group 5 Kristleifur, Ævar, Vignir Visual Music Landscape
Group 6 Guðný, Valdís MathMania - Training program for numbers and math
Group 7 Claudio Project Lórien - Icelandic landscape with trees
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