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VE Final Project: Template Page


Team members: A, B
Team name: (if you want)
Project name: 3D Wiki!
Project tag line: This environment helps people learn how to create a Wiki page.

Motivation / Scenario

  • Describe why the world would be a better place if everyone had your environment.
  • Describe that better world so we can visualize it.
  • Sketches would be cool.


  • How are you going to make your environment help us get to this better place?
  • What special features will it have that help you reach your goal?
  • What other seemingly useless but cool features will it have? (perhaps they're more useful than you think, give that a thought)


  • If you don't get to implement the whole system as you imagine it, what will your prototype at least be capable.
  • This is where you control expectations.

Independent Study (Only Graduate Students)

  • What do you intend to learn about?
  • How do you plan to integrate that into the final project?
  • Useful links or references to related work.
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