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NARS Tutorial

Xiang Li's slides from the NARS tutorial class on 19 Oct.


ATAI 2018 Final Project

The Final Project uses the AGI-aspiring NARS system. Students should pair up in teams of 2 students per team (individual hand-ins are also allowed, but less encouraged). There is a choice of either of two main assignments: “Fuzzy Logic” and Diagnosis.

Grading: Final Project counts 15% of final grade.

Compulsory: You must register your choice of assignment and your group members as a hand-in for the Final Project Organization zero-points assignment in Canvas.

You get to choose between either Project 1 or Project 2 below:

NARS Project 1: "Fuzzy Logic"

NARS Project 2: "Diagnosis"


NB: Copying text directly from PDFs brings invisible bad characters. Go here instead (for Assignment 2).

Have fun!


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