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The Predictor: A Robot Opera (2006-2008)

Project Goal: Create art using AI technologies developed for other purposes.

Students: Eric Nivel, Guðný Ragna Jónsdóttir, Kristleifur Daðason, Ágúst Hlynur Hólmgeirsson
PI: Kristinn R. Thórisson

Subprojects: The Predictor uses technologies from several CADIA projects including SuperRadioHost and ToonFace Facial Animation.

Four performances of the Robot Opera project were done in the years 2006-2008, each with a slightly different performance cast. The first one used software developed for SuperRadioShowHost project; the second involved a full class of students from both RU and the Icelandic Academy for the Arts, the third was performed at the CADIA AI Festival 2007, and the fourth and last one was performed at Raflost, the electronic music festival in Reykjavik, spring 2008.

The Predictor I: A Robot Opera

The first performance of Robot Opera was done at the first CADIA AI Festival in 2006. Interactive turntaking software with realtime speech synthesis capabilities was used to automatically control the execution of speech. The system, called Superhumanoid One, was developed and managed by Gudny R. Jonsdottir, Kristleifur Dadason and Kristinn R. Thórisson.

Video of performance

The Predictor II: A Robot Opera


Audio Recording (Note: recording starts at low volume.)

Course Page link

The Predictor III: A Robot Opera

The Predictor III debued at the CADIA AI Festival in 2007, featuring musicians Matthias M.D. Hemstock (drums), Joel Palsson (saxophone), Silla (vocal) and Superhumanoid One (vocal) in a live improvisational performance. Superhumanoid One, which ran on 3 computers, was overseen by Eric Nivel, Kristinn R. Thorisson and Gudny R. Jonsdottir.

The Predictor IV: A Robot Opera

The last performance of Robot Opera was done at the Raflost electronic arts festival in Reykjavik, spring 2008. Musicians Matthías M.D. Hemstock (drums) and Jóel Pálsson (sax) performed live with Superhumanoid One (vocal), which was controlled by Eric Nivel and Gudny R. Jonsdottir.

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