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SuperRadioHost (aka RoboRadio)

Project Goal: To create the world’s first fully autnomous artificial personality with its own dedicated radio show

Researchers: Eric Nivel, Guðný Jónsdóttir, Ársæll Jóhannsson, Vignir Hafsteinsson, Ágúst Hlynur Hólmgeirsson
PI: Kristinn R. Thórisson

Superradiohost constitutes the first phase of the CADIA Superhumanoids project. It aims to make S1, the first Superhumanoid in the Superhumanoids series, into a bona fide - but completely artificial - radio show personality. Our goal is to make SuperRadioHost better than the average human radio host, as judged by listeners. Several key components have already been developed for the Host including a sophisticated turntaking system. At some appropriate point in the future we plan to get a public national radio show for S1. The tentative name for the show is “RadioActive with SuperRadioHost”.

Methodology. We are using Constructionist Design Methodology throughout, and building the architecture in the Psyclone framework. To achieve realtime we are using 12 networked desktop machines to do parallel processing including speech and prosody recognition, planning, and various other processing. Two addtional workhorse computers are used for input (collecting and pre-processing audio) and output (speech synthesis and other mouth-sound generation).

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