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Student Paper Topics

Andreas Brauner:

Birna Íris Jónsdóttir: Vision in prosthetic knee systems - how additional vision in the artificial intelligence drives prostheses would or would not add efficiency in usage

Bjarki Elías Kristjánsson: Generic GPU-Accelerated Video Decoding | Template: Design of Flash-Based DBMS: An In-Page Logging Approach

Börkur Guðjónsson: Áhrif vals forritunarmáls á árangur forritunarverkefnis

Daníel Brandur Sigurgeirsson: Handball and statistics: when is a game won?

Gunnar Kristinn Vilbergsson: Automated traffic monitoring via computer vision

Haukur Kristinsson: Better performance on your database by bypassing operation system's file system buffer cache

Klaus Nørregaard:

Kristleifur Daðason:

Martha Dís Brandt: Iridology - what causes changes in a person's eye color

Max Petzelbauer:

Sigurður Karl Magnússon:

Þór Sigurðsson:

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