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Write an Abstract for your Topic

This project is the first in a sequence of projects aimed at building up the paper you will work on in this class. Each submission counts as part of your project grade (but note: it is possible to improve the grades “retroactively” by submitting updated versions with the next part).

You will receive comments for each submission, to help guide you in your writing.

The objective of this first project is to write an abstract for your article. It is what we call a “mockup (or “fake”) abstract in a sense, because in practicality you cannot really write the abstract before the paper is (close to being) finished. This method of “writing the abstract first” – a mockup abstract that is – can nevertheless help you focus your paper and is highly recommended for anyone and everyone (even pros).

Please submit the abstract via MySchool – by the announced deadline.

p.s. If you wish to receive comments on your mockup abstract before you submit your final homework feel free to send me an interim version in email. However, depending on my workload I may no be able to respond – what I can promise is that I will do my best. Also note: the more days until the deadline for the assignment that I get it the more likely you are to receive such feedback from me. -KRÞ

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