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Discussion 7: Textual Worlds


The goal with this preparation is to gain familiarity with one of the oldest, and most influential, forms of persistent online virtual worlds: The MUDs and MOOs! These worlds still exist if you know where to look. Some of them are in fact still thriving quite well.


Make sure you have a program on your computer to open an interactive telnet session with a remote host. On OSX and Linux, the program “telnet” should already be included, which you can then run from a terminal window just like this:

telnet <hostname> <portnumber>

On windows you can download a very simple telnet client called PuTTYtel (direct download link!), run it and supply the host name and port number into a dialog box before connecting.

After you have found or installed your telnet client, connect to these two virtual worlds:

  • Asylum MUD - Fantasy RPG (create a character and start questing)
    • HOST:
    • PORT: 6715
  • Lamda MOO - Social Space (type “co guest” to start as an anonymous guest)
    • HOST:
    • PORT: 8888

By Monday class, be ready to discuss the pros and cons of this interactive textual medium. For example, are you able gain a sense of space even though no visual cues are provided?

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