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Discussion Preparation 2 (Presence)


The concept of “Presence” is frequently encountered when discussing virtual environments. For example, you may be asked by someone to create a virtual environment that provides a great level of presence for the user. However, it is a rather complex concept and there are various ways to describe what underlies a great level of presence. The goal of this discussion preparation is to get more familiar with this concept and think about it in terms of your own daily life.

Your task

  • Read the Introduction section of the article A Cross-Media Presence Questionnaire: The ITC-Sense of Presence Inventory to learn about “Presence” and how people attempt to measure it. The proposed ITC-SOPI questionnaire is not included in the article because it is copyrighted material, however, our lab has permission to use it (see next point).
  • Administer the ITC-SOPI on yourself Pick a media activity (e.g. watching TV, watch YouTube, playing games, reading a comic book…). Engage with that media for at least 10 minutes. Immediately afterwards fill in the ITC-SOPI questionnaire (it is best to have it printed out and ready before the media exposure). You can find it under Other Materials in MySchool. Important: Do not distribute that file further and remove it from your machine after use. The file is governed by strict copyright laws.
  • Score your media experience Use the ITC-SOPI scoring guide (also on MySchool) to give your media experience a score along the 4 presence factors discussed in the article. Be ready to compare your media experience with other people's experiences in class.
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