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Final Project Report


This is a short but informative, report about the final project that should include:

  1. Title / Authors
  2. Screen shot (at least one at the very top of the paper - see formatting instructions below)
  3. Short abstract (at least one paragraph summarizing what your project is about)
  4. Motivation (typically from your proposal)
  5. Related work (expanded from your proposal)
  6. Approach (explain your system design and implementation)
  7. Results (mention what worked and didn't work)
  8. Future work (what would you do next?)
  9. References (a list of cited references in the correct format - see below, even if you only have one or two)

Think of this as a poster submission to a conference.


The paper should be written in a 9 or 10 point justified serif (Times or Times Roman) font in two columns per page, with a single line space. It should be about 3-5 pages long.

Other than that, follow the guidelines for a technical paper submission to the SIGGRAPH conference as much as you can (don't worry too much about the details, just get a feeling for the overall structure and look):

Use the provided templates!

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