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Final Project

Final Presentations

Time and Place

All presentations take place Wednesday March 28 (12:20-14:00) in the “Black Hole” CADIA research lab. Come to the 2nd floor of Venus, just outside the glass elevator, and call 618 6323 to have me let you in.


The total time you have is about 20 minutes. Aim for 5-10 minutes for slides and 10-15 minutes for demo and questions.


You should have a slide for: (1) Purpose/Motivation; (2) Related/Existing Work; (3) Your Contribution/Exciting Features. The purpose of the slides is mainly to establish that you know why you are doing this, and that you know that others have tried before and that you have done something interesting. The final report will go into technical detail, so you don't have to do that here unless you would like to explain something in particular.


Use your time well. It is very important to plan/reherse your demo. There is nothing worse than trying to figure out during your presentation what you would like to show us. That typically means you spend valuable time messing around with the interface and/or forget to show a couple of important things. Write down on a piece of paper a demo script and time it before you arrive, so that you know that you can get through it in the allotted time slot.

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