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Final Project Proposal

The proposal for your final project should be in the form of several presentation slides. We will not have time to give the presentations, but I want you to send me the slides, and from the slides I should be able to understand what your project will be about. These slides count for 5% of your total grade.

Things to Remember

  • Remember to use various concepts you have learned in the course so far (e.g. perception, presence, flow, constraints, archetypes etc.)
  • Use diagrams, photos, sketches, rendered images, etc. to illustrate your ideas.

Presentation Structure

The slides should be structured to be clear and informative. Imagine that you are sending your slides to someone who could fund your project. You want them to like it and be ready to give you money ;-)

I recommend that you use the following structure (variations are ok):

Project Overview

  • Project name
  • Project “slogan” or “tagline” (like “Safer traffic training with VEs!”)
  • Group members

Motivation (Scenario or Goals)

  • Describe a problem/need you want to address with your VE.
  • Who is your target audience?
  • What would it be like to have/use/play your VE?
  • Sketches would be cool.

Related Previous Work

  • Mention previous research, products or projects that also try to achieve similar goals as your project.
  • State how yours will be different (it is not a requirement that your project be state-of-the-art, but it is good to think about this).


  • How are you thinking of creating this environment?
  • What special features do you want it to have that help you reach your goals?
  • What other seemingly useless but cool features do you want it to have? (perhaps they're more useful than you think, give that a thought)

Challenges and Expected Results

  • What do you expect to be the hardest thing in your project?
  • If you won't have time to do everything, what do you want to make sure your prototype can at least do at the end of the course?
  • Use this opportunity to “control expectations”.
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