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Discussion Preparation 4 (Being an Avatar)



When you “dive” into cyberspace you enter a graphical body called an “avatar”. This is your representation in the virtual environment. We can think of it as our own second body, but the question is to what extent does this body support actual embodiment in the other world? The goal of this preparation is to understand the possibilities and the limitations afforded by typical avatar technology.

Your task

  • You need to use an avatar inside an online graphical environment and attempt social interaction with other online people. Just introduce yourselves to them and say and do what you like, for example you could simply state that you are doing a class project and would like to ask a few questions ;-) There are many free avatar-based social worlds online, here are some of the most popular ones at the moment:
  • Feel free to use other online environments if you like. If you pick a game world (you can get free trial memberships for most of them, here is a list of online game worlds), make sure that you get an animated avatar and that you engage in some social interaction.
  • Bring to class your answer to the following question:
    • Is avatar-based interaction with other people different from face-to-face interaction? If so, how? If not, why not?
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