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Programming Assignment 2: An interactive episode with a character

Basic Info

Due: Friday, Feburary 16th at 23:59
Group size: max 2 people
What to turn in: Single ZIP file with Python files, asset files and an item data file (assets from URL is ok)
Note: If you use code or assets from others, remember to give credit where it is due


  • Write a program that brings the user into a short interactive story or instruction that involves interaction with another character and the right or wrong use of an object that the user has to pick up. As well as being an exercise in creating a functional piece of code that supports interaction, this is also an exercise in clearly guiding the user through an engaging experience with a well defined setting, goals, actions and consequences.
  • Minimally, the experience should consist of:
    • An introduction to the setting (can be text) and the user's goal
    • An interaction with a character which relates to the goal (could be helping, could be hindering)
    • Being able to pick up objects (at least 2) and move them around (in inventory or attached)
    • Being able to use carried object in a particular situation involving a character or another object
    • A good or a bad ending based on the user's actions and interaction with characters
  • The project will be judged on these factors:
    • Functional implementation
    • Effectiveness of interaction constraints
      • Setting
      • Clarity of user goals
      • Available actions and consequences
    • Use of dramatic devices
      • Environment/Staging and light
      • Sound and/or music
      • Camera / point-of-view
      • Dialog and text messages


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