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Programming Assignment 1: Room with interactive items

Basic Info

Due: Friday, Feburary 2nd at 23:59
Group size: 2 people
What to turn in: Single ZIP file with Python files, asset files and an item data file
Note: If you use code or assets from others, remember to give credit where it is due


  • Write a program that displays the interiors of a room. You can use the same method and assets as presented in Lab2, but at least change the shape and play with the textures and lights. You are also free to use a completely different model.
  • Create a class for interactive items that at least holds information about 'location', 'orientation', 'name', 'description' and 'usage effect'. When created, the item should load a model (or use a textured card) that corresponds to its name and appear inside the world.
  • Populate the room with 8 - 12 items by reading in a text file of the following format:
    • ITEM:name:location:orientation:description:effect
    • ITEM:name:location:orientation:description:effect
  • Once all the items are displayed in the room, one of them becomes the selected one. A selected item needs to stand out in some manner, for example by switching to a particularily bright texture or by bobbing up and down (you can use your imagination here). The 'description' of the selected item should appear somewhere on the screen.
  • The user should then be able to hit the right and left arrow keys to cycle through the items in the room, selecting one item at a time (in any order you choose).
  • When the user hits the ENTER key, you can make something happen depending on what the item is. It is enough just to show the 'usage effect' text, but feel free to improvise.


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