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Final Project

Important Points

  • You can work in a group of two students, but you can also work individually if you want.
  • Please review the description of the projects, but you are also encouraged to be creative.
  • The demo session will be held on Monday, November 30th, from 8:15-11:00
  • You will then hand in your report and software on Wednesday, December 2nd.


1 Þröstur Question-Answering System
2 Oliver and Nik Combination of Taggers
3 Grímur and Ívar A Simple Embodied Dialog System
4 Tihomir and Jeppe Automatic Extraction of Verb Subcategorization frames
5 Lorena and Julio Named Entity Recognition
6 Jökull and Jorge Combination of Taggers
7 Árni Own Project
8 Alberto and Emanuele Grammar Checking
9 Þór Machine Translation
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