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Final Project

Group Size: 1-3 people
Deliverables: Working “tech demo”, 5-10 minute class presentation and demo + slides + 3-4 page report
Judged on: Quality of design and implementation, originality, amount of effort, delivery of demo and presentation, clarity and completedness of report

Picking a project

This project has to be a Tech Demo of a game engine feature that you have designed and implemented. A tech demo does not have to e a fully working game, but it should demonstrate your technology in a game-like context. Think of your demo as a way to get a game company interested in your technology.

The technology you build can be something you create absolutely from scratch (e.g. your own resource management system) or something that is put together from several existing components, combined in an interesting way (e.g. physics and animation).

You can propose pretty much anything, as long as the following is true about the project:

  • It is challenging for you
  • It is fun for you
  • It is educational for you

There are a few more implementational requirements:

  • Use C/C++ (this is a fundamental skill you need to develop)
  • Use the Ogre 3D framework (it is flexible, well designed and at the right level of abstraction)
  • You should make sure everyone on the team gets to program (divide project into units)

It is possible to negotiate the C/C++ and Ogre requirements, but you need very good arguments. For example, it is not enough to suggest using a different engine because then you can make a cooler game. This course is about the design of the engine itself, not game creation.


# Project Members
1 Asynchronous Online Resource Manager Jóhann, Gísli
2 Spreading Fire Engine Helgi, Guðmundur, Ingi
3 Ogre Model Browser Ágúst, Oddur, Rúnar
4 Efficient Large Scale 2D Map Processing Þorsteinn, Jón
5 Balloon Flight Simulation Finnur, Ólafur U
6 Online Resource Manager Multiple Asset Types Georg, Hrafn, Ólafur W.
7 Remappable Human Interface Device Manager (1st choice) Birgir, Sigurður
8 Procedural Content Generation Vífill, Gunnar, Baldur
9 Text Rendered Game Engine Daníel, Jökull
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