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Presentation of an Existing Game Engine

Group Size: 1-3 people
Deliverables: 5-10 minute class presentation + slides + 2 page report
Judged on: Validity and correctness, clarity and completeness, extent of research and personal insight, exposition and argument

Announce your group and post your engine choice here

At least describe…

  1. …how this engine differs from other engines (why did it get built in the first place?)
  2. …the language that the engine mainly written in. Strenghts / weaknesses of using this language.
  3. …the language (if any) that is used for scripting. Strenghts / weaknesses of using this language.
  4. …the tools that are included. Do thay emphasize any kind of data over other? Can you create data with external tools?
  5. …what platforms are supported and how seamless is the transition between platforms.
  6. …the kinds of good third party components you can use. Are there some already included?
  7. …the community of developers. What kind of support could you expect?
  8. …the software licensing scheme. How much do you expect to pay in license fees if delivering a single game title using this engine?
  9. …what genres of games you would consider building with this engine (or why you would not use it at all), and what genres are not appropriate for this engine.


Presentations take place on Friday the 17th of February, starting at 10:20 in the regular class room. Each group has about 8 minutes for the presentation. Make sure all group members get to participate. Use visual materials, but let them count. Focus on unique or particularly interesting features.

01 Blender Game Engine Vífill, Gunnar, Baldur
02 Source Engine Helgi, Guðmundur
03 Hero Engine Ingi
04 ID Tech 3/4 Ólafur Unason, Finnur, Ingþór
05 ID Tech 1 Birgir, Sigurður
06 Unity 3D Daníel, Jökull
07 CryENGINE Jóhann, Gísli
08 Build Engine Jón, Þorsteinn
09 Creation Engine Oddur, Ágúst, Rúnar
10 Unreal Engine Ólafur Waage, Georg, Hrafn
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