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Please note that this schedule is subject to change.

1Aug 19Introduction & OverviewDavid
Aug 21Experience Management #1A Computational Model of Perceived Agency in Video GamesDavid
2Aug 26Agent-Based Systems #1Thespian: Using Multi-Agent Fitting to Craft Interactive DramaKári
Aug 28Narrative Planning #1An Intent-Driven Planner for Multi-Agent Story GenerationValdi
3Sep 2Dialogue Generation #1Perceived or Not Perceived: Film Character Models for Expressive NLGSigurrós
Sep 4Crowd-sourced Generation #1Paper: The Restaurant Game: Learning Social Behavior and Language from Thousands of Players Online; Game: The Restaurant GameStefán
4Sep 9Cognitive Psychology #1A Use of Flashback and Foreshadowing for Surprise Arousal in Narrative Using a Plan-Based ApproachKári
Sep 11Procedural Content Generation #1Experience-Driven Procedural Content Generation David
5Sep 16Brainstorming Jam
Sep 18Related Work for Project IdeasEach student finds and reviews one project-related paper.In-class Discussion
6Sep 23Experience Management #2Paper: Façade: An Experiment in Building a Fully-Realized Interactive Drama; Game: FaçadeSigurrós
Sep 24Project Proposals Due by 17:00 (pushed back from Sep 19)
Sep 25Experience Management #3Believable Agents and Intelligent Story Adaptation for Interactive Storytelling Stefán
7Sep 30Agent-Based Systems #2Paper: Comme il Faut 2: A fully realized model for socially-oriented gameplay; Game: Prom WeekValdi
Oct 2Agent-Based Systems #3FearNot! - an experiment in emergent narrativeDavid
8Oct 7Narrative Planning #2Controlling Narrative Generation with Planning Trajectories: the Role of ConstraintsKári
Oct 9Narrative Planning #3Evaluating Planning-Based Experience Managers for Agency and Fun in Text-based Interactive NarrativeDavid
9Oct 14Dialogue Generation #2Say Anything: A Massively Collaborative Open Domain Story Writing CompanionValdi
Oct 16Crowd-sourced Generation #2Story Generation with Crowdsourced Plot GraphsDavid
10Oct 21Cognitive Psychology #2Achieving the Illusion of AgencyStefán
Oct 23Player Modelling #1Goal Recognition with Markov Logic Networks for Player-Adaptive GamesSigurrós
11Oct 28Player Modelling #2Data-Driven Personalized Drama ManagementDavid
Oct 30Summary & Young Research HighlightsDavid
12Nov 4Project Work
Nov 6Project Work
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