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T-720-ATAI Readings & Study Material








Situatedness, Embodiment,

Additional Readings & Study Material

  • Comparison table of cognitive architectures, courtesy of BICA Society / Alexei Samsonovich
  • Ng-Thow-Hing, V., K.R. Thórisson et al (2009). Cognitive Map Architecture: Facilitation of Human-Robot Interaction in Humanoid Robots. PDF
  • Franklin, S. (2007). (LIDA) A Foundational Architecture for Artificial General Intelligence. Advances in Artificial General Intelligence: Concepts, Architectures and Algorithms. IOS Press, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, The Netherlands, pp. 36-54. PDF
  • Anderson, J.R. & Schunn, C.D. (2000). Implications of the ACT-R learning theory: No magic bullets. Advances in instructional psychology. 5:1-34. Lawrence Erlbaum | PDF
  • Goertzel, Ben (2010). What Must a World Be Like That a Human-Like Intelligence May Develop In It. PDF
  • Laird, J.E.; Newell, A. & Rosenbloom, P.S. (1987). SOAR: An architecture for general intelligence. Artificial Intelligence, Volume 33, Issue 1, Pages 1-64 PDF
  • Snaider, J; McCall, R. & Franklin, S. (2011). The LIDA framework as a general tool for AGI. Artificial General Intelligence, Lecture Notes in Computer Science. 2011. Volume 6830/2011. pp. 133-142 PDF
  • Wang, P. (2004). Toward a unified artificial intelligence. AAAI Fall Symposium on Achieving Human-Level Intelligence through Integrated Research and Systems. pp. 83-90. PDF
  • Adams, S. S., Arel, I., Bach, J., Coop, R., Furlan, R., et al. (2012). Mapping the Landscape of Human-Level Artificial General Intelligence. In AI Magazine, Vol 33(1), pp. 25-41. PDF
  • Militello, L.G., Dominguez, C.O., Lintern, G. & Klein, G. (2010). The Role of Cognitive Systems Engineering in the Systems Engineering Design Process. In Systems Engineering, Vol 13(3), pp. 261-273. PDF
  • Pan, S. J. & Yang, Q. (2011). A survey on transfer learning. IEEE Transactions on Knoweledge and Data Engineering, 22(10), pp. 1345–1359. PDF
  • Sanz, R., Hernandez, C., Gomez, J., Bermejo-Alonso, J., Rodriguez, M., Hernando, A. & Sanchez, G. (2009). Systems, models and self-awareness: Towards architectural models of consciousness. International Journal Of Machine Consciousness, 1(2), pp.255–279. PDF
  • Silver, D.L. & Poirier, R. (2007). Requirements for Machine Lifelong Learning. IWINAC, LNCS (4527), pp.313-319. PDF
  • Man as Machine - Joscha Bach's AGI intro lecture at AGI Summer School 2009


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