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Example Final Exam Questions

Note: These are provided to help you prepare for the final exam. These are examples only, the specific question below may or may not appear in your final exam.

Percentages in brackets indicate how much of the final exam (a total of 100%) each question counts. The total percent of all questions on final exam count 105% because there will be a 5% bonus question.

Example Question 1

What is cognitive growth? Give some examples of cognitive growth. Why is cognitive growth an issue in constructivist AI but not in “good old fashioned AI” (GOFAI) ? [10%]

Example Question 2

Why is architecture important in constructivist AI? [5%]

Example Question 3

Describe a constructionist architecture. Explain why it falls short of providing a platform for developing constructivist AI systems. Use illustrates where appropriate. [15%]

Example Question 4

Explain the perception-action loop. Why is it of importance in constructivist AI? Name two other loops that can be found in constructivist AI systems. [10%]

Example Question 5

Describe how NARS represents truth values for a given statement.

Example Question 6

3. Given the following experience,

     <dog --> mammal>. %1.0; 0.9%
     <cat --> mammal>. %0.95; 0.9%
     <mammal --> vertebrate>. %1.0; 0.8%

using NARS' high-level inference rules, give the truth values for the following queries and state which inference rule was used in the derivation. Assume the evidential horizon k=1.

     (a) <dog --> cat>?
     (b) <dog --> vertebrate>?
     (c) <vertebrate --> cat>?


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