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Short Essay

Pick a OR b:

  • (a) A paper from the reading list that addresses a particular topic. (See important topic areas below.)
  • (b) Any topic you think has been neglected in the past 20 years in AI research or deserves more in-depth study.

Send an email to me (in CANVAS) or talk to me in class with ideas/proposals as soon as possible so that I can help you, if necessary.

When a topic has been selected, formulate your own hypothesis (opinion) of the topic. Then find 4-6 relevant references that can provide important context for the topic and help support your view on it.

Included in the paper should be the outline of a proposal for how a research program addressing the topic could be structured and initiated.

Make sure you explain the topic well and provide good arguments for your own hypotheses (opinion) on it.

Final paper should be PDF between 4 and 5 pages long (12 point font). Make sure to do your references properly. (Preferably use APA-style formatting. I highly reccommend using Overleaf.)

Important Topic Areas

Please use the following categories in the reading list for the course to help you with this:


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