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Reading Assignment 4

This assignment consist of reading the following paper:

You must post 2-3 questions on Piazza (make sure you post in the Readingassignments2 thread) that you think are interesting/important/clarifying regarding the paper, and/or that you think the class will learn from addressing during a 30-minute discussion session during class on Friday March 4.

Deadline: Your post must be timestamped before midnight (23:59 am) Thursday evening March 3rd to be eligible for a grade.

Grading: Any decent set of questions will receive a 3% score towards your final grade. Should the instructor find reason to think that (a) you did not exert yourself to find good questions or (b) your questions are below what would be expected from an M.Sc. student in CS after taking the course so far, the percent my get reduced to 1% or 2%. Inadequate hand-ins will of course get a 0%.

Note: The class discussions will only be as interesting as your questions! So please take the time and do a good job. This is your chance to make the course even better!

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