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Final Exam T-720-ATAI-2016-S Example Questions

The final exam will be a 2-hour closed-book exam. Questions will focus on your understanding of the material that has been presented in the course. Below are some example questions. Please note that this is not an exhaustive list of the types of questions that may appear on the final exam, it is representative of some questions that may appear on the final exam.

Example questions.

1. For a task of deep-sea exploration, in an area a multitude of species of fish swimming around, a (hypothetical) company asks you to design a prototype of an autonomous submarine that can take pictures of the variety of fish that may be encountered. The pictures must be uploaded to a computer as soon as they are snapped, and each one should be of a (potentially) different species.

1a. The Chief Technology Officer of the company wants you to use a subsumption architecture for controlling the submarine. Do you comply? Why/why not? What will you say to the company about this? (Make sure you present strong and clear arguments for your answer.)

1b. A few months later the CEO adds the following issue: They have determined that there are a number of unknown species of fish in this part of the ocean. The battery for the photo unit and computer control of it is very limited, and they want an intelligent system to control the decisions when to fire the trigger. The company will develop a system based on the AGI-aspiring NARS or AERA systems to control the photography unit. They want you to propose a way for using either of these for this purpose. Please give an outline of your suggested first steps in how to use NARS for this purpose. Make sure you list the strengths and weaknesses of NARS for this purpose.

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