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Lab 6: Particle Filter

In this session we will look at how to use particle filtering for localization of a robot. You can work together in groups. Hand in the results in MySchool, this lab counts as one assignment.


Download the following file:

It includes:

  • Source code for a simple robot simulator
  • A skeleton for a particle filter algorithm (
  • The binary of a sample solution (sample_solution.jar)


  • Implement the missing parts of (use confusion=0.1 for the resampling)
  • Experiment with the settings for noise, number of sensors and number of particles to see the influence on how fast the agent knows its position and how good the estimate is
  • Try out what happens if you do not add white noise in the resampling step (set the confusion parameter of the resampling function to 0.0)

Hand in

  1. Your code
  2. A few sentences on your observations
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