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Subsumption Project

Assigned: Mon Feb 11
Due: Mon Feb 18


You must use the CADIARover environment which is installed on the computers in O-432 (Ofanleiti 2, 4th floor, B-house). It consists of OGRE graphical environment, the Psyclone middleware and some example files.


Your task is to write a 2-layer Subsumption architecture that lets the rover explore the world while avoiding obstacles.

You may choose freely how you implement a 2-layer subsumption architecture.

To give a simple example, here is a 2-module, 2-layer subsumption system: A module called “RandomRoam”, which makes the hexapod roam randomly about, is subsumed by another module called “TurnAwayFrom“ that takes as input the location of an object and the orientation of the hexapod and avoids collision by steering the hexapod away from the object.


You will work in self-selected groups of 2 or 3. You must give your group a name. Send an email to the instructor with the name of the group and the names of the team members today. Final chance to form groups is Thursday Feb. 14 at noon (12:00).


On Feb 18 you must give a 5 minute demonstration of your system to the class. Evaluation will be based on this. Notice that groups of 3 will be expected to do more than groups of 2.

In addition to the demo, you may be requested to exhibit the code. You must send an email to with a grade for your teammate. The grade you give your teammate should reflect how well he/she kept promises at the outset about contributions, how much he/she contributed to making the project a success, as well as how much he/she was ready to help solve problems that arose during the project. This grade will count 50% towards the teacher's grade for the project.

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