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Final Project


Final Project Committee: Kristinn, Hannes, Eric, Bjarni Þór Árnason.

Your final project has been specified on these Wiki pages and in class. Your task is to win the competition. You should also demonstrate, in your solution to the task, (a) an understanding and mastery of subsumption architectures and/or other approaches to AI architectures, (b) the ability to combine different AI techniques for solving complex problems and ( c) be able to articulate these in a design document that the your team hands in (min 2 pages; max 5).

If you have any questions please email and before March 29th.


Drive around and select as many objects as possible, drive them to the object 'bin' and drop them off. Use as little energy as possible in the process.

The goal in the final project is to WIN!


  • You will get 4 minutes to run your system. You must implement a programmatic *freeze* set at 4 minutes.
  • You will all use the same psySpec and everyone will get the same layout of the world. This layout is unknown to everyone in advance. You will get a psySpec that is similar to the one that will be used in the final project in early March.
  • Only selected (pre-determined) parameters in the Psyspec are allowed to be changed (TBD); no other changes are allowed!
  • The world will be composed of the following:
    • Yellow and green boxes - these are to be picked up and brought to the “object bin”. Each has a different cost, and a score.
    • There are teleporters - they work exactly like they work now.
    • There will be 50 objects that can be carried. Some objects will have a UID.
  • Your rover will have the following abilities:
    • Can carry 3 things simultaneously.
    • The outer cone will be roughly 4x the rover size; the inner cone is roughly the rover size.
    • The rover can lay down beacons with UIDs. Laying them down has a cost.
    • Know the time left.
    • Rover has a predetermined maximum speed which is the same for everyone.
  • Score will be computed from various parameters (TBD).
  • You must use the computers in O-432. You are allowed to use as many computers as you want.

The rover consumes energy, and energy consumption works against the score. Moving consumes more energy than standing still.

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