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P8. Review a Peer's Abstract

The purpose of this exercise is to get some experience in giving feedback to others on their writing, and some practice of the Abstract-organizing principles we follow in this course.

Review the list below on this page for whose Abstract you should review. Contact them to receive a copy of it (and their title). (Their email can be found on MySchool.)

When you hand off your own Abstract: Make it the best version of your Abstract you can muster, because the better it is the more useful the comments will be. Abstracts can be improved endlessly!

You will return a review of your peer's Abstract via Canvas, as a text file. Include the title and abstract you are reviewing, as well as your review.

Student Reviews Abstract of
Antton Lamarca Unnar Freyr Erlendsson
Unnar Freyr Erlendsson Arnar Bjarni Arnarson
Arnar Bjarni Arnarson Tomás Michalík
Tomás Michalík Brynjar Sigurðsson
Brynjar Sigurðsson Theódór Ágúst Magnússon
Theódór Ágúst Magnússon Elías Ingi Elíasson
Elías Ingi Elíasson Pétur Kristófer Oddsson
Pétur Kristófer Oddsson Giulio Mori
Giulio Mori Michelangelo Diamanti
Michelangelo Diamanti Guðmundur Páll Kjartansson
Guðmundur Páll Kjartansson Matteo Altobelli
Matteo Altobelli Guðný Lára Guðmundsdóttir
Guðný Lára Guðmundsdóttir Julia Elisabeth Haidn
Julia Elisabeth Haidn Hákon Freyr Gunnarsson
Hákon Freyr Gunnarsson Jaroslav Fedorcák
Jaroslav Fedorcák Antton Lamarca


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