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P9. Full Paper v. 1.0

This is the first time you have to hand in a full paper with all sections complete.

The paper must be formatted as if it was going to be published in a conference or journal; that means it has to have coherent section titles, author name and affiliation, reference list and possibly acknowledgments. Please make sure your references are correctly formatted in APA style.

You should check that the paper has:

  1. A title and author, formatted correctly.
  2. All sections included, and that they are coherent.
  3. References and reference list formatted API style.
  4. Preferably at least one figure with a caption.

This is not exhaustive, so please go through the course notes, assignment descriptions etc. to complete the list of instructions, as well as the relevant chapters in Ranjit Kumar.

NOTE: If you feel you need to make choices that are somehow in opposition to what I have said in class, please use footnotes to explain your decisions. Start such footnotes with the string “NOTE TO EDITOR:”.

NOTE: You may want to use this opportunity to improve some sections you wrote earlier.

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