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Review an Abstract

Bring a printout of your Abstract to class.

Make sure there is good space around to write comments (e.g. print in landscale mode, with the text centered on the page horizontally and vertically in not-too-big font size). You will review your fellow student's abstract. You will be assigned anohter student's Abstract; you will get 20 minutes to review it and write concise, meaningful, helpful, accurate, constructive criticism on the page – to the best of your ability. Your comments should be given in a manner that help the Abstract's author improve it.

You will then hand this assignment to the Instrutor, who will take note of who did a good job and who did a half-decent job.

Who's reviewing who? I will bring a list of who's to review who's Abstract. (Modifications will be made based on absent students; I will volunteer if we get an odd number).

If you do wel and as instructed on this assignment you will earn two virtual gold stars in the teacher's book. And as everyone knows, that may come in handy one day!

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