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P12. Full Paper Review

In this exercise you will review your fellow student's P11-Full Paper. The assignments will be done in-class.

NOTE: You will be doing your fellow student a disfavor if you do not show up, so do your very very best to be present. Do unto others what you wish to done unto you.

Read the below instructions carefully!

Guidelines for how to review papers were discussed in class.

The exercise will proceed as follows:

As an author: Share a link to an electronic version of your paper with your fellow student reviewer. Reviewer-author pairs will be determined by the teacher and assigned in class. This should be the version that you handed in as P11-Full Paper.

As reviewer: When you receive the link to your assigned paper you can start your review. Do your best as to provide the author with useful, truthful, and appropriately detailed feedback on any and all aspects of the paper that you feel requires his/her attention for improving it. Your review should be returned in MySchool in a txt. file. You will give the paper a grade (list this at the top of your hand-in marked 'Grade: x,x').

If you do a good job you may receive up to 5% “bonus points” for this exercise (as determined by the teacher, based on the quality of your review) - over and above the 100% that the other assignments in the class count.

Note: Only those who show up for class are eligible to receive a bonus.

(Note that while the assignment is listed as 0% in MySchool, I will manually update your grade with the extra points earned for the final score in the class.)


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