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Research Grants & Proposals

Competitive Research Grants

Competitive Research Grants The major method for funding scientific research
Sources Rannís: NSN
Rannis: Technology Development Fund
Rannis: Research Fund
EU:Marie Curie

Research Proposals

Research Proposals The major method for getting competitive funding for scientific research
Sources Rannís (Iceland), Cordis (EU), NSF (USA)
Content All the same information that appears in a scientific paper will typically have to appear in a research proposal. Additional material includes researchers' CV, financial plans, names of student researchers, and a description of where and how the research will be conducted.
Application process Find a 'call for proposals'. Carefully read the description. Note the proposal due date. Get the forms. Write the application, fill in the forms. Send everything in before the due date. Cross your fingers.
H2020 Format Main sections specified as Scientific Approach, Methodology, Beyond State-of-the-art, Workpackages; language: English
Rannis format Fairly specific; exact format grant-dependent; Language: English (but all require an Icelandic summary)
If you get the grant Congratulations! Now you must do the work and write progress reports, typically once per year.


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