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Hand-in will be threefold: You will do a presentation in class of your solution. Do not go over 10 minutes! You must check your code into SVN (instructions to follow). And you must mark that you have finished the project in the MySchool system.


Work with your standing ovation project, investigate computational versus network limitations under the following conditions:

  • Different levels of abstraction
    • All persons in a single module
    • n persons pr. module
    • One module pr. person
  • Pick an emphasis,
    • EITHER:
      • Number of whiteboards
        • Few vs. many whiteboards
        • Psyclone on a single machine vs. distribute whiteboards over many computers
    • OR:
      • Number of messages
        • Message sent whenever a person changes status (many small messages)
        • fewer larger messages with more information (e.g. module sends messages with information on all it’s persons)

Suggest optimal settings based on using 4 computers

  • How many person are you able to run
  • Sustained speed of results
  • etc.
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