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I-700-ABMS, Agent-Based Modeling & Simluation, 2007-1

Psyclone Mini-Project

Assigned: January 11
Due: January 16

Project Goal

The student should learn the basics of the Psyclone simulation environment and be able to:

  • Run Psyclone from the command line
    • with the psySpec
    • with external java modules
    • with 2 or more external modules on 2 computers
    • using psySpec and Psyclone Satellite for automatic startup of external modules
  • Understand
    • message-based APIs/module interaction
    • contexts and phases
    • whiteboards
    • module parameters
  • Use
    • psyProbe Web-based monitoring tool
    • Java-based interaction tool
Project Description
  • Get a login on the Gola computer cluster.
  • Log into the Psyclone directory.
  • Start by reading the QUICKSTART.txt file
  • The Psyclone manual/tutorial in the html directory (index.html) provides detail
  • Go through these use cases:
    • External modules
    • Multiple computers
  • Modify the dominosPsySpec.xml to use different contexts and phases
  • Write a simple external Psyclone module that subscribes to your own message type and changes contexts in the dominosPsySpec example
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