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ABMS Final Project

Firm: Brynjar, Claudio, and Ægir
Market: Birna, Páll, Pálmi


Áherslan fyrir fyrstu samkeyrsluna er að setja upp double auction market fyrir vörumarkaðinn. Markaðshópurinn sér um að implementera auctioner module. Hóparnir velja sér hópstjóra sem koma sér saman um skilaboðin. Aðaláherslan í samkeyrslunni verður að sýna að markaðurinn virki og þess vegna gerum við ekki ráð fyrir stóru líkani. Ég sé fyrir mér að næsta samkeyrsla snúist meira um skölun, það er að geta keyrt fleiri einingar.

Final Project Report

Your grade will be be determined in large part by your report on your project. The report must detail the system you came up with and how it fits into the whole system. We will put up example reports shortly for you to see how we want it done, along with descriptions of what we find should be improved.

Important for final project - You MUST record your hours

As you know the ABMS techniques are technologies are at a fairly early stage in the history of science. Because of this we are very interested in tracking and measuring the results our approach is returning, especially with regards to managing complexity and empowering individuals, teams and collaborations. It is therefore very important that you record who did what for how many hours, in a matrix where we can afterwards see how much time went into various parts of the project. The tasklist should include both plumbing issues (e.g. getting messages show up in the right places) and model (getting the decision process for hiering employees to work). (Rough guideline: Make the list at least two-tiered with 10-15 main tasks broken down into 0-10 tasks each). Accompany the matrix with a verbal description of the main issues that you felt were preventing you from moving faster towards a complex, solid system. The matrix should then be included in your final report, which must also detail the design itself, parameters and functionality.

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