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Game Tree Query Language

PI: Yngvi Björnsson
Student: Jónheiður Ísleifsdóttir

The game tree query tool is a tool for analyzing and debugging search algorithms.

The tool can be run from command line. It takes two parameters; name of query file and name of game-tree file. The query file is a text file with one query in each line. An example of a file with two queries would look like this:


Note that the bold attribute name is user defined and read from the game-tree file.

The game-tree file (.gtf) is created using the GT-log library. The library has routines to log the game tree.

The tool is run with a command like the one below from command line or bat file. Note that path to files must be correct if they are not stored in the same place and GTQT.exe file

GTQT queries.txt tree12.gtf

The GTQ-tool can be downloaded here: Game Tree Query Tool

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