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OCT 13. CADIA / Reykjavik University organizes Iceland's second AI Festival

JUL 2. CADIA wins the 3rd International General Game-Playing Competition with their entry CADIAPlayer.

MAY 4. Public concert by students of the Sound, Motion & AI course. Page

MAR 24. CADIA holds second Garage AI course of the year.

FEB 24. CADIA holds first Garage AI course of the year.


APR 29. CADIA / Reykjavik University organizes Iceland's first AI Festival

MAR 11. CADIA holds the second Garage AI seminar

FEB 4. CADIA holds the first Garage AI seminar


NOVEMBER 25. CADIA presents Garage AI at RANNÍS educational conference.

AUGUST 22. CADIA shows of Garage AI projects at the World of Science in Húsdyragardurinn.

AUGUST 13-22. CADIA hosts the World Championship in Computer Chess. |Programme (PDF)

JULY 9/10. AAAI-05 Workshop on Modular Construction of Human-Like Intelligence.

APRIL 23-25. RU Workshop on Representations for Multimodal Generation.

APRIL 22. CADIA Inauguration.

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