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The CADIA Clause

Official CADIA Clause logo
The “CADIA Clause” is a paragraph
that restricts the use of software or other copyrighted material
for military purposes and human-rights violations.

Anyone is free to copy the Clause and add to their license (the clause itself is licensed under
the Creative Commons (CC) license, which means you need to give credit to its original authors
and you may not modify it in any way.

If you want to contribute to a better world, consider including it in the license for your next creation.
Alternative resolutions

CADIA Clause: The license granted in and to the software under this agreement is a limited-use license.  The software may not be used in furtherance of: (i) intentionally causing bodily injury or severe emotional distress to any person; (ii) invading the personal privacy or violating the human rights of any person; or (iii) committing or preparing for any act of war.

To use the above Clause in your own license, copy all of its text and be sure to include the following somewhere close by in your license: CADIA Clause (CC) CADIA, Reykjavik University, 2009;

The CADIA Clause is included in the extended BSD License used for all software pertaining to the HUMANOBS project.

The CADIA Clause was authored by Kristinn R. Thórisson, with advice from Brent C. J. Britton.
The CADIA Clause logo is (CC) Kristinn R. Thórisson, 2009 (same CC license as the Clause itself).
Look at CC License for CADIA Clause and CADIA Clause logo.

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