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Ambient Earth

Project Goal: To display visually, at-a-glance, the 'buzz of the planet' on a set of important topics

Student/Researcher: Christian Luijten (exchange student in 2006 from TU Eindhoven)
PI: Kristinn R. Thórisson

Project Description

Ambient Earth is a project to visualise the buzz of the internet. It shows “earth” from outer space and every time a new story is written, a satellite is launched from earth, starting to orbit it.

A story usually has a certain topic. It might be about how nice the flowers bloom in spring or about higher order mathematics. Amber can be configured to detect several topics and attract satellites towards external gravity points representing those topics.

Project Status

  • Framework architecture available
  • Basic crawler and analysis modules
  • Visualization module in full screen and applet version


A demonstration setup is currently in development. A prototype demonstrator with fake data is available at the project web page.


The code is available for download from the CADIA SVN repository.

The current version is 0.5.0 and can be downloaded from the project web page or the SVN repository.

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