About Vélaldin


Vélaldin is an open-source engine for developing structures with emergent properties. Based on the basic concept of cellular automata, Vélaldin offers a new approach to emergence research through an abstract representation of cells — leaving it up to the developer to determine the features, rules and states of cells in whatever way is required.

Java_logo_grayVélaldin is written in Sun's Java™ programming language, and is released under CADIA's BSD license.

The Icelandic word
Vélaldin can be directly interpeted as Mechanical fruit; vél meaning machine, and aldin fruit. The name references the goal of understanding and interpreting our world through mechanical means, gradually moving towards more life-like machines.


(As of Vélaldin β0.5)

The Vélaldin Manual is the most complete source for information about Vélaldin, along with the latest release notes. The below list is an overview of some of Vélaldin's unique features, but is by no means complete.

:: Abstract cell, state and rule representations
Vélaldin Extended Cell Architecture, VECA)
:: Architecture cells, states and rules independently
:: 1D & 2D globular universes (3D under development)
Synchronous and asynchronous capabilities

Velaldin Developer Icon
Vélaldin was created by Hrafn Thorri Thórisson at Reykjavík University's A.I. Lab, The Center for Analysis and Design of Intelligent Agents (CADIA).