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 +====== Discussion Preparation 5 (Art and Information) ======
 +===== Goal =====
 +The goal with this preparation is to open your eyes for virtual environments that portray something other than literal spaces. Interactive 3D environments can make you understand or experience new dimensions that simply cannot be discovered through our perception of the natural world around us.
 +===== Your task =====
 +  * Until our class on Tuesday, look around you and notice how abstract information, or perhaps art, is presented to you on a daily basis. For example, where and how do you see time? What about currency exchange rates? What about emotion or feeling? How are these intangible concepts made concrete for you?
 +  * Bring **5 such concepts or kinds of data** to class on Tuesday, where you will discus in groups whether and then how virtual environments could make them more concrete and tangible.
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