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 +====== Final Project Report ======
 +===== Contents =====
 +This is a short but informative, report about the final project that should include: 
 +  - Title / Authors
 +  - Screen shot (at least one at the very top of the paper - see formatting instructions below)
 +  - Short abstract (at least one paragraph summarizing what your project is about)
 +  - Motivation (typically from your proposal)
 +  - Related work (expanded from your proposal)
 +    - BS students should mention at least one other work here
 +    - MS students should mention several other works here and contrast them with their own solution
 +  - Approach (explain your system design and implementation)
 +    - BS students may limit this to a single section
 +    - MS students working in teams should have at least one sub-section per student, each sub-section explaining an interesting solution
 +  - Results (mention what worked and didn't work)
 +  - Future work (what would you do next?)
 +  - References (a list of cited references in the correct format - see below, even if you only have one or two) 
 +Think of this as a poster submission to a conference.
 +===== Format =====
 +The paper should be written in a 9 or 10 point justified serif (Times or Times Roman) font in two columns per page, with a single line space.  It should be 2-3 pages long for BS students and 3-5 pages long for MS students.
 +Other than that, follow the guidelines for a technical paper submission to the SIGGRAPH conference as much as you can (don't worry too much about the details, just get a feeling for the overall structure and look):
 +  * [[|SIGGRAPH Instructions for Authors]]  
 +  * [[|SIGGRAPH Submission Template]] 
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