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Principal Investigator: Kristinn R. Thrisson
Students: Vignir Hafsteinsson, Ársæll Jóhannson, Kári Halldórsson, Guðný R. Jónsdttir, Freyr Magnússon, Kristleifur Daðason, Ágúst Hlynur Hólmgeirsson and Hörður Ingi Björnsson

Superhumanoids is a multi-year research project consisting of many connected sub-projects, each of which by itself is of a significant scale. The goal of Superhumanoids is to build the next generation of social robots.

The first superhumanoid we are building is Superhumanoid One (S1), which is currently being brought to life through various animation, modeling, planning, speech recognition and synthesis technologies. As a first step we are giving S1 the ability to host a radio show; this part of the Superhumanoids project is called Superradiohost. Superhumanoid Two (S2) will start to be created in the fall, and will be a physical robot based on the Skundar platform.

To gather information on satisfaction with our system we had participants fill out questionnaires made with QuestionPro.

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