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-**Principal Investigator**: Kristinn R. Thrisson \\ 
-**Students**: Vignir Hafsteinsson, Árrsæll Jóhannson, Kári Halldrsson, Guðný Jónsdttir, Freyr Magnsson, Kristleifur Daðason, Ágúst Hlynur Hólmgeirsson and Hörður Ingi Björnsson 
-**Superhumanoids** is a multi-year research project consisting of many connected sub-projects, each of which by itself is of a significant scale. The goal of Superhumanoids is to build the next generation of social robots.  
-The first superhumanoid we are building is Superhumanoid One (S1), which is currently being brought to life through various animation, modeling, planning, speech recognition and synthesis technologies. As a first step we are giving S1 the ability to host a radio show; this part of the Superhumanoids project is called [[Superradiohost]]. Superhumanoid Two (S2) will start to be created in the fall, and will be a physical robot based on the [[Skundar]] platform.  
-To gather information on satisfaction with our system we had participants fill out questionnaires made with [[|QuestionPro]]. 
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